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Terms and Conditions

Loxess is a cloud-based physical access control system. It allows physical access to be managed on the Loxess web admin dashboard and keys to be issued to end users via their personal Loxess user account. Users will be able to access a physical space using any 4G or WiFi-enabled mobile device once they download the Loxess mobile app.There are a number of considerations for Loxess to work in your space. As a client of Loxess Sverige AB, you will need to review these considerations and ensure all are met before Loxess can work effectively in your space. By subscribing to our system, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out here detailing the responsibilities of both client and Loxess Sverige AB for the system to work.

1. Client’s Responsibilities

1st point of contact: you must designate one person in your organization to be the Loxess master administrator [2] for your system, which should either be yourself or another person from the same organization. The master administrator will be Loxess Sverige AB’s 1st point of contact during the Loxess setup as well as the installation process and will need to be familiar with the client’s responsibilities listed in this document.

IT specialist: if you have an in-house IT specialist for your space, you need to list him or her down as a 2nd point of contact during the signup process. This will allow Loxess Sverige AB to reach out to your IT specialist if there are any network-related issues on the Loxess system.

Loxess mobile app: the Loxess mobile app is supported on iOS 8 and above for Apple devices, and Android OS 5 and above for Android devices. Users without the aforementioned specifications will not be guaranteed optimal Loxess performance, if any. Instead, they can be issued a unique Loxess URL link by the master administrator for access into the space.

Electronic locks: you need to have electronic locks installed on your door(s) in order for Loxess to work. If you do not have these installed for your door(s), Loxess Sverige AB will coordinate with an installer to have the necessary parts installed. The cost of this installation is included in your Loxess quote during the sales process.

Door fixes: neither Loxess Sverige AB nor the installer would be liable for any existing issues or imperfections on your door(s) prior to the installation of the electronic locks. Either Loxess Sverige AB or installer may recommend the necessary fixes to be made for your door(s), and you will be responsible for arranging the recommended fixes as well as the affiliated costs.

Changes in network settings: if there are any changes in the office network settings that results in the Loxess system being disconnected from the network, you will be responsible for re-connecting the Loxess controller with your network. You can reach out to the Loxess Sverige AB support staff for instructions on how to perform this step, or find it among our various support articles.

2. Loxess Sverige AB Installation

For all installations coordinated by Loxess Sverige AB, it will require an average of 10 to 20 business days to complete the job, depending on the location of your space. Loxess Sverige AB will help coordinate installations and inform you of the estimated timeline of your Loxess installation during the sales process, should the customer request it. The installer will liaise with the designated Loxess customer contact to schedule a date and time for the site visit and the actual installation.

Electronic locks: for a Loxess Sverige AB installation that an requires electronic lock(s) to be installed, Loxess Sverige AB will help in coordinating with the installer to specify the materials and labor for the job. Loxess Sverige AB or the installer may need to reach out to the Loxess customer contact to gather information on the space during the period of the install.

Installation on a door with an existing physical access control system: no additional electronic locks needs to be installed for your space. Loxess Sverige AB can help coordinate with the installer, should the customer request it, to have the Loxess system wired to work alongside your existing physical access control system without disrupting its utility.

Loxess does not have its own installers. Installer recommendations are based on location and favorable reviews from past work. The customer enters into a contract solely with the installer for their work. Loxess does not guarantee the work of any installers procured from Loxess recommendations, nor does Loxess bear any obligation to costs incurred from installations.

3. Self-Installations

Locating an installer: for all international self-installations, you are responsible for contracting your own installer to wire various components of the Loxess hardware and install electronic locks on your door(s), if any. You have the option of requesting Loxess Sverige AB to recommend an installer in your area, but it would be your responsibility to contact and arrange for the installation to be completed.

Cost of self-installation: you will be directly charged for the installation by your installer. This will include any material and labor cost affiliated with installing the electronic lock(s) and Loxess hardware.

Opting out of a self-installation: Loxess Sverige AB does not coordinate any installations for international clients. You do not have the option of opting out of a self-installation and handing it over to Loxess Sverige AB.

4. Hardware Warranty

All Loxess hardware is guaranteed by a 5-year warranty as long as there is an active license. These include: the Loxess Controller Pro and the Loxess Reader Pro.

The Loxess hardware warranty does not extend to any non-Loxess proprietary equipment or end of life equipment. These would include the door locks, components on the door locks, and/or any other physical access control system working on the same doors as the Loxess system. Non-Loxess proprietary equipment would be subjected to the warranty terms and conditions of the manufacturer.

Loxess will not be liable for malfunctions on the Loxess hardware once the warranty expires. You will need to purchase new Loxess hardware if you need a replacement on any part of your Loxess system. You will also be liable for any installation costs associated with replacing your existing hardware with a new one.

In the event that a new version of the Loxess hardware is released by Loxess Sverige AB, it will be made available to the client for purchase. The Loxess 5-year warranty does not extend to devices that have been de-commissioned or devices that have reached their end-of-life. Loxess will be required to send notification of any intention to de-commission any Loxess hardware.

Your Loxess software license does not entitle you to a free upgrade of Loxess hardware.

5. Loxess Fixes

If there is a disruption in services on your Loxess system, Loxess Sverige AB will perform a preliminary evaluation to identify the root causes of the disruption.

Depending on the nature of the disruption, Loxess Sverige AB may appoint an IT specialist or a hardware installer for the fix.

Should the disruption be caused by a hardware issue, Loxess Sverige AB will be responsible for coordinating with an installer for a fix at your space.

Loxess Sverige AB will only be liable for the cost of the fix if the root cause is traced back to a malfunction on the Loxess hardware. Loxess Sverige AB will not be liable for the cost of the fix if the root cause is traced back to:

  1. an existing issue in your space prior to the installation, or
  2. any modifications made without the approval of Loxess Sverige AB on the Loxess system.

If your installation was coordinated by Loxess Sverige AB, Loxess Sverige AB will be liable for any issues that arose as a consequence of the installation process.

If you coordinated a self-installation, Loxess Sverige AB will not be liable for any issues that resulted from the installation process.

6. Invoice from Loxess Sverige AB

Charges for hardware: you will be charged for the hardware within 7 days of shipment. Once charged, your Loxess hardware will be subject to the warranty and refund policy spelt out in this document. This charge will be processed separately from the installation and software license charges and does not take into consideration which stage of the installation you are in at the point of the charge.

Charges for Loxess Sverige AB installation: you will be charged for a Loxess Sverige AB installation within five business days after the Loxess system is fully operational in your space. A system is considered fully operational once all access points are Loxess-enabled from the Loxess mobile app. [4] This charge will be processed separately from the hardware and software license charges.

Charges on software license: you will be charged for your Loxess subscription 30 days after the purchase of your Loxess system. The charges will correspond with the number of users you are allowed to manage based on your software license plan. This charge will be processed separately from the hardware and installation charges. Any request to delay the subscription charges further than the period stated herein will be made on the discretion of Loxess Sverige AB

Upgrades of software license: your subscription will be upgraded to the next software license plan once you exceed the number of users in your Loxess system based on your initial software license plan. Loxess Sverige AB reserves the right to upgrade your software license without prior notice.

7. Subscription

Your Loxess subscription will run on (day of sale) of each month going forward and will be charged to the credit card on file.

Loxess offers a 30-Day Free Trial. If for any reason Loxess does not fit your needs, please contact support@loxess.com to cancel your subscription and request to return your Loxess hardware within 30 days of the date of delivery for a full refund (minus shipping charges).

Once the 30-Day Free Trial period expires, Loxess will not issue refunds for any Loxess hardware equipment. If any Loxess hardware equipment malfunctions after the 30-Day Free Trial period, Loxess will replace any devices which Loxess Support determines to be defective, free of charge. [5]

Loxess does not issue refunds for subscription fees charged after the 30-Day Trial period. Any subscription payment disputes will be issued as credits for any time Loxess was deemed to be inoperable due to a Loxess related malfunction.

Loxess will only issue credits for subscription charges related to non usage of the Loxess system. i.e. - If after purchasing Loxess, your Loxess system installation was delayed for 3 months after the date of delivery, Loxess will only issue credits for the time before the first unlock was made.

Loxess reserves the right to terminate Loxess usage for any past-due subscription fees that are unpaid for 60 days or more.

8. Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your subscription of Loxess services, please inform Loxess Sverige AB as soon as possible. Any subscriptions fees already charged before the cancellation date will not be refunded to you. If receipt date of your Loxess hardware shipment is more than 30 days from day of cancellation, the hardware is nonrefundable.

9. Privacy Policy

Loxess Sverige AB is committed to protecting your privacy. Any information you supply to Loxess Sverige AB will be kept confidential and will not be used for any marketing or other business purposes without explicit consent from you.

By becoming a customer of Loxess you allow Loxess to display your company logo as reference customer unless otherwise noted.

Loxess Sverige AB will not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease any information collected by the Loxess system, including email lists, to other organizations.

As between Loxess and you, you own and are solely responsible for Customer Data. You agree that Loxess has no responsibility or liability for Customer Data, including any liability for not storing such data. In addition, you are solely responsible for securing any required consents from end users granting you permission to access and use Customer Data with respect to each end user, including, if applicable, users' personal data, as defined by applicable privacy and data protection laws ("personal data"). Loxess will not be responsible or liable for any loss or security breach with respect to Customer Data. By using the Services, you agree that you will maintain industry-standard administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of Customer Data, and will comply with all applicable privacy and data security laws and regulations. You will also provide and adhere to a privacy policy for Customer Application(s) that describes to end users of Customer Application(s) what user information you collect (such as, personal data and Customer Device usage data) and how you use and share such information. Loxess may collect usage statistics and other data from the Services in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

Privacy: Electronic Communications

When you register for the Services, send us e-mails or provide your information to us via the Site, you are communicating with us electronically, and thus you are consenting to receive communications from us electronically or by other means available. Please review our Privacy Policy to understand our practices regarding the collection and use of information. The Privacy Policy is expressly incorporated into this Agreement.


Customer Intellectual Property

You own all right, title and interest in and to Customer Data, the Firmware and Agents created by you, and all related Intellectual Property Rights. With respect to Customer Data or other materials you pass through the Services, you represent and warrant that you own all right, title and interest in and to such data, including, without limitation, all copyrights and rights of publicity contained therein and that you have all required rights to post or transmit such content or other materials without violation of any third-party rights.

***We will continue to develop the terms and conditions as Loxess Sverige AB grows and develops.

Loxess reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Written notification will be given upon changes.

For further information please contact:

Loxess Sverige AB

ASPÖVÄGEN 103, 125 40 Älvsjö

Email: support@loxess.com

Terms and conditions updated May 19th 2022

[1] The ethernet connection only applies to the Loxess Pro 8.0 controller.

[2] The master administrator is in control of an entire space including users, groups and locks.

[3] Exceptions to the hardware warranty: the warranty is not extended to the CR2477 3V lithium cell battery inside of the battery-operated wireless reader. The client is responsible for changing the battery every 4 to 6 months, depending on usage.

[4] In a situation when an access point is Loxess-enabled from the mobile app BUT not operational with a Loxess Reader, this is considered a potential malfunction on the Loxess Reader hardware. This will not be considered an instance of incomplete installation. Loxess Sverige AB will investigate and (if necessary) replace the Reader as necessary.

[5] This excludes any devices deemed to be damaged by any party other than Loxess.

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